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1. What is .jobs?
.jobs is an Internet Top Level Domain or TLD. Other commonly known TLD’s include .com, .net, .org, .edu and .gov. TLD’s help people navigate to particular Internet destinations. For example, if a job seeker is looking for jobs at Walgreens, Inc., he or she would simply navigate straight to The .jobs TLD enables to exist on the Internet.

2. Why .jobs?
Simple answer: Target Marketing. Placing your company name in front of .jobs creates a web address that is a direct route to your company’s Internet jobs content. For example, Merck retains its company brand when advertising in recruitment ads, while at the same time directing job seekers straight to what they want – information on Merck’s jobs. The same concept works for geographic names like and industry names such as

3. Who operates .jobs?
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) licensed the operation of .jobs to Employ Media LLC. Employ Media’s sponsors include the Society for Human Resource Management ( and VeriSign, Inc., the operator of .com and .net.

4. Who is .jobs for?
.jobs can benefit every employer organization in the world that invests in recruitment advertising.

5. What is .jobs for?
.jobs is for your recruitment ads – using your company name in your web address directs job seekers to exactly where they want to go. And you look good doing it, too! See some examples. You can also list your jobs at sites such as and

6. How do I acquire (register) my company’s name in .jobs?
It’s easy! .jobs domains are sold through a network of qualified retailers called registrars. The annual cost is approximately $125 per year plus an initial set up fee of about $35.00 (prices may vary). You can begin by clicking here.

7. How else is .jobs different?
.jobs is different from .com. We require that each and every applicant be a member of the International Human Resource Management Community and is who they say they are. It’s a more labor-intensive, expensive way of doing things, but we feel strongly that it adds to the value of having a .jobs domain.

8. How can I access the .jobs zone file?
The Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS) located at provides a centralized access point for interested parties to request access to the .JOBS Zone File. Requests received are reviewed for approval a few times per month.

9. My business encourages many different employers to publish their job openings at my web site. Is this service permitted in .jobs?
Of course, listing jobs at web sites on the Internet serves needs recruiters have.  Staffing, recruitment and many other kinds of organizations both commercial and non-commercial, large and small, from all over the world have been proudly using their .jobs web site to serve this need for many years.  Examples include,,,, and